Success, a question of luck?

Philippe GabillietTo the pessimists, those who think that « in life, you are lucky or not », luck is just a skill!

Here’s a grand lecture by Philippe Gabilliet, professor of organizational behavior and leadership at ESCP Europe since 1995.

Beware, what’s next can dramatically change your vision of success and luck!

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Success depends on talent, hard work, the means available and … luck!

What is luck? It is the ability for a person to create around her conditions the emergence of opportunities, to win combinations of  circumstances and to create overtures.

Opportunities may present themselves in 4 different ways:

1. Meetings : by meeting someone, something happens, opening a field of possibilities that did not exist there, 5 minutes ago still.

2. Information : information that I captured will open up the field of opportunities.

3. Listening to decisions : someone taking a decision voluntarily or involuntarily will create an opportunity for me to share news.

4. Request : I hear a request that I will be the first to receive.

So how to create the conditions for good luck?

There are 4 factors that will help you develop these opportunities:

1. Vigilance: Be alert to what is happening around you, be curious. Good fortune hates routine. To greet new opportunities, it is good to get out of the frame, out of your comfort zone. It is important to develop situation awareness in relation to what is happening around you and what is new.

2. Anticipation: be prepared for chance. « Luck generally favors the prepared mind » according to Pasteur. The more you will be inhabited by a project, a desire, the more your machine collecting interesting opportunities will be ready to run like clockwork.

3. The network: it is by no means the obligation to collect business cards but to spend your time trying to connect others in relationships, whatever their nature. And of course a number of opportunities will find their way back to you.

4. How to bounce back after a failure: sometimes there are failures, errors and conflicts. But luck is also the ability you have to bounce back, to use failure as a starting material for something new.

And finally, two little secrets:

1. The best way to achieve your goals in life is to help those still needing to achieve theirs.

2. In general, the best way to welcome opportunities, is to already be one yourself!


I hope you liked this article and I hope the translation in english is not too bad!

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