How to overcome the Sunday night blues

It’s Sunday, the sun is going down, and so are you. Tomorrow is Monday. It starts ticking in the head and in the stomach. Remind you of something?

Stress from way back

As children, we felt the stress of school again; we have to do homework, to see the teacher who did not miss us! For a child, Sunday represents last moments of fun and separation from parents. We often tried to initiate negotiations to make these holidays last longer, were reluctant to go to bed to make it last or stored with sadness our books in our backpacks. If the day after everything got better, Sunday can be a real source of anxiety for children.

Old and established beliefs about Sunday

Sunday=Gloominess                    Sunday=Boredom              Sunday=Party time is over

Sunday nights have such a bad reputation that it is impossible for us to see it as something positive. Indeed, popular beliefs about Sundays are resistant: they have been built over the years since childhood. But we can destroy them by changing our perception of Sundays and acting differently.

What about changing the way we look at Sunday nights?

It is up to us to see the other kind of Sunday nights. You can continue to view it as a gloomy day or you can transform it into a moment joy and happiness. We think and see through our beliefs or our projections (and Sunday has a tough life!). I now encourage you to remove your « glasses » that filter reality and see what REALLY happens. Do not miss an opportunity to note the positive aspects of life and most importantly, enjoy the moment.

A few actions to implement 

How to fight Sunday night blues

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